LoriMT (lorimt) wrote,

Seattle stuff giveaway

We have a bunch of miscellaneous things at Madhouse (in Seattle). They're going to Goodwill tomorrow unless someone claims them tonight - delivery can be arranged later. Let me know if you want anything.

* A black satin shirt with red embroidered flames. As much as I admire it's flair, I admit I won't ever actually wear it. Size M, a bit short.
* Black slacks from L.L. Bean - Mens size 36, inseam 32.
* Three pairs of new but too cheap to return gray lightweight merino hiking sock
* Origami paper in several sizes - 50+ sheets
* White plastic laptop stand/raiser
* All purpose envelopes (too small for business and too big for cards, basically) - 3 5/8 by 6 1/2.
* One wood/metal comb probably for hand carding wool
* Two swaths of fabric - black gauze with pinkish cherries and emphatically purple satin.
* Three small decorative boxes - one glass heart, one glass heart with metal lid and one hexagonal wood
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