LoriMT (lorimt) wrote,

Fun with food

Awesome things I did today:
* Went to last minute dim sum with people, and did somewhat intimidating ingredient shopping while I was in the ID (we now have 750ml of fish sauce! And a *massive* quantity of curry paste).
* Made really tasty peanut sauce to go with memnus's chicken and veggies. Got to hang out with ladydrakaina too.
* Attempted to turn berry and peach juices into "caviar" using the molecular gastronomy cocktail kit. The drinks themselves were not terribly successful - even the better-working ones were effectively drinking peach or berry slime. quartzpebble had better success overall, not very surprisingly. She was also responsible for the blob monstrosity at the end, also not surprisingly. :) It was lots of fun and very experimental, though, so a success on that front!
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